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A technician receives a call that a clients PC is not booting after a recent test of the
buildings back-up generators. When the technician arrives, it is discovered that, once
powered on, there is no output display or POST beep codes. Furthermore, after 15
seconds, the systems fans begin running much louder and faster. Which of the following is
the MOST likely issue?

  • A. The motherboard was damaged by the power test.
  • B. The PC’s RAM was affected by ESD.
  • C. The power supply was damaged and is nonfunctional.
  • D. The hard drive was erased due to the power test.
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This is a tricky question, it's unlikely "a recent test of the buildings back-up generators" would damage a PSU even though it's a logical answer within the context of this question. (C) is a more correct answer since it aligns with the symptoms the computer is exhibiting.


that was my assumption as well


How the motherboard work after it is damage ???


Fans wouldn't run if the power source was faulty


When you first start a PC or server the fans run at the default tell the MBI can proved correct RPM. So if the MBI is damaged the fan will just run at the default.


It must be A, a damaged PSU, if it were C, a "nonfunctional" PSU, the fan would not run at all.


can someone knowledgeable give the answer and EXPLAIN why? Thanks.


If the Power Supply were non-functional then there would be no power being supplied to the fans that are turning on. A power surge typically doesn't create an ESD that would damage the RAM. Again the power restart shouldn't cause ESD damage or otherwise to the Hard Drive. The Motherboard on the other hand can be damaged to the point of non-operation but still supply power to the components such as Fans.


Theta-Sigma Exactly! NO Boot-POST or Beep codes screams MB!...you do not even need a HD (hard drive for this process) Electrostatic Discharge occurs inside the case or when installing a new part. That's why you can by ESD wrist band-mats and bags. RAM creates beep-codes if compromised / plus ESD with ram would occur in an install not a BLACKOUT! If HD the boot process would not get hung-up until the OS install PS "FAILURE" there would be nothing! no fans nothing


Motherboard is likely the issue