5 Things to look for in a Good Restaurant

A memorable service

When dining out, there really is nothing more disappointing than poor service. An exceptional dining experience relies not only on the delivery of a good, but a unique customer service. Outstanding service can better the taste of average food, but great dishes cannot excuse poor service.  Good restaurants personalise their dining experience to each individual guest, with their floor staff exhibiting an authentic passion for what they do. Wait staff have a thorough understanding of and genuine love for the dishes offered, and can explain them eloquently, without needing prompting. Food is served in a timely manner, with each course being presented seamlessly after another. Water is poured without asking, wait-staff appear at the table when needed, and every request is responded to with a smile and graciousness.

Impressive décor

A great restaurant does not underestimate how the presentation of their serving space affects the ambiance of the establishment. The best (and most memorable) have a distinct and unique style that reflects the cuisine offered and the overall ethos of the restaurant. Cleanliness is meticulously maintained, with the bathrooms being presented as elegantly as the restaurant itself. Clean toilets, good lighting, and a pleasant aroma all go a long way, with the handwash and toilet paper always being in abundance.

An attractive menu and wine list                             

A great menu will have an appetizing range of dish offerings accompanied by informative and concise meal descriptions. The menu has been finely checked for spelling and grammar issues, and is presented clearly and aesthetically. Only in-season produce is used, and thus the menu is changed seasonally to make return visits a must. The wine list is well laid-out with a range of price points available both by the glass and the bottle. The list features a range of well-known names and boutique brands that delectably match with the food on offer, and the server is knowledgeable in the products on offer and confident in their pairing suggestions.


Have you ever had an exceptional experience at a restaurant, only to return and be disappointed? A great restaurant is consistent with their good service, regardless of the wait-staff working the floor. It is that place you will feel confident recommending it to friends, family and colleagues for any occasion.

Appropriate sound and lighting

This may not seem like a deal breaker, but the lighting and sound present within a restaurant can have a profound effect on our mood and overall experience. Low lit restaurants assist in delivering an alluring and comfortable vibe, however extremely dim lights can be frustrating- especially when trying to read the menu! Great restaurants get this right, and know exactly what lighting level achieves the desired mood of their establishment. The balance of sound and music choice is also strategically selected to enhance the vibe of the restaurant. The level of the music is delicately decided upon- too quiet and it's unnoticeable, too loud and it's an inconvenience.

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Sharmi Ahmed