A Touch of Spice

One of the most notable aspects of herbs and spices are their aromatic qualities. The scents produced in the various parts of spice plants have extensive application in the production of aromatic products.

The spices blended together creates the perfect marriage that when infused in cooking creates a pure delicacy. Below are our top 5 restaurants that instill spices in their everyday life and produce some work of arts.


Cuisine: Middle Eastern

The range of the cuisine extends and diversifies more than just dips and kebabs. At this contemporary Turkish restaurant, the homemade specialty tahini, cheeses and yogurt is a must try. The creative team will take you on an adventure to explore the seven regions of Turkey and indulging in each region's distinctive flavours and ingredients.

MESOB Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar

Cuisine: African

The cuisine of culturally rich Ethiopia utilises a sophisticated array of spices to produce a diverse and flavourful taste. Meals are traditionally served on a communal platter for sharing with friends and family. Come and discover the charm of Ethiopian cuisine and expose your taste buds to exotic, rich flavours.

Bar Patron by Rockpool

Cuisine: Mexican

The sophisticated Mexican restaurant situated in the picturesque circular quay looking over the harbour brings a premium unprecedented experience to one of the world's greatest cities.

This quaint restaurant is the perfect marriage of two internationally renowned and elite brands Bar Patron and Rockpool Dining Group. The Bar Patrón by Rockpool blends authentic and aromatic Mexican ingredients with the finest produce that Australia has to offer.

Orient East

Cuisine: Malaysian

A short tram ride down Melbourne's picturesque St Kilda Road will take you to Orient East, a colonial-style eating house where sophisticated old-world glamour and British Malaya kitsch combine. Orient East's vibrant menu is reflective of Malaysia's colourful history and cuisine, offering an exciting medley of old school hawker-inspired favourites combined with Penang-born owner creative take on classics.


Cuisine: Indian

Aki's is situated in the perfect location by the waterside with an attractive indoor dining room; it's Indian but without any plasma screens or Bollywood kitsch; and the artfully put-together food manages to be gutsy yet sophisticated at the same time. The vibrantly spiced signature dishes are exotic and bursting with flavour. The cuisine is infused with the perfect blend of aromatic spices and herbs and is worth the trip to Woolloomooloo wharf.

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Sharmi Ahmed