Australia Day Food Traditions

On the 26th of January, we celebrate Australia day. This is the day that focuses the essential values Australia stands for – namely tolerance, multiculturalism, diversity and a fair go.

Since this is an important holiday, there are several traditions to keep in mind, such as parades, concerts, BBQ's, beach parties o just catching up with good friends. With food being the key ingredient in Aus Day celebrations, let's check off the must haves for the big day.

  • Pavlova

Even if both Australians and New Zealanders debate the invention of this world-famous dessert, this mouth-watering cake is one of the most beloved sweets in Australia. It is quite difficult to resist it and comes in at number 1.

  • Lamington

Lamington is acknowledged as a national edible symbol. In fact, on the 21st of June, we even go as far as to celebrate the National Lamington Day. It is for this reason that it makes sense to celebrate our national holiday with this cracking desert.

  • Sausage Sanga

The backyard Australia Day barbeque, it can't be beaten and is rightfully on our list of must have. There is simply no prep needed, some sausages from your local butcher, two pieces of bread, some onions and a touch of tomato sauce, nothing could be more Australian.

  • Meat Pie

The humble meat pie represents, without a doubt, the epitome of Australian food. Our pies are so popular that, on average, we all eat at least 12 per year (some more than others). With its deep-rooted reference to Australian culture, the humble meat pie takes out number 4.

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Sharmi Ahmed