Why Non Cash Incentives are Leading the Way in Motivating Staff

shutterstock_69933736Studies are continually showing that cash incentives are not the way to motivate employees, with non-cash incentives leading the way in driving sales and performance. According to Rules of Engagement, cash is impersonal and can have an adverse effect on motivating staff, quickly losing its connection as to why the prize was awarded. Cash gets lost on bills and forgotten about, whereas non cash incentives such as restaurant vouchers allow an employee to treat themselves to a memorable experience.

When an employee receives a reward that is personal and offers a positive feeling, they feel pride in their achievement and often share their experience. They talk to other members of staff about their delicious meal in a fine dining restaurant and motivate others to work equally hard in the fight to have the same wonderful experience. Cash on the other hand is rarely bragged about.

The key to choosing a non cash incentive is to give something that offers choice. Not everyone will appreciate a crystal vase or an expensive pen.

It also needs to be attainable and offer the sense that the reward is almost in reach. A ten-year thank you gift seems a long way off.

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Mireille Kilgour

Mireille Kilgour

Mireille Kilgour has been an entrepreneur for 35 years in the hospitality sector. French born, she has been an accomplished business owner and operator for a number of Sydney venues. Leading the industry with high profile institutions such as Lamrock Café Bondi, she has endless passion for the industry, and now has the pleasure of supporting restaurants to fill their tables with the new Good Food Gift Card program.