Your New Year's Resolution

With the year coming to a close, we once again turn our focus to the good ol New Year's Resolution in the pursuit of improving ourselves for the year ahead.

For those that are season campaigners when it comes to New Years Resolutions and may be short on ideas, here are a couple of culinary ideas to fill your resolutions stocking.

Go for Healthier Food Choices: The time for junk food has come to an end and with everyone trying to get healthy and keep in shape, there's never been a better time. However, this does not mean that you have to give up your dining experiences. When choosing your restaurant destination, look for that blend between healthy and exquisite.

Be Bold in Your Culinary Tastes: To make the new year different from the one before it, push yourself to try new culinary flavours. This doesn't need to be complex or difficult, it can be as easy as looking at restaurants and destinations from parts of the world you've not experienced before. To get some ideas of what some of those restaurants look like, visit and browse the participating restaurants.

Change the Scenery: We all have our favorites, but much like changing up the culinary flavours, the same goes for the scenery. If you are a fine diner and spend much of your restaurant time in established restaurants, try a food discovery trek that takes you to some unknown places and revitalize your taste buds.

For the best way to bring your New Year's Resolutions to fruition, visit now and secure your Good Food Gift Card that can be used at any participating restaurant Australia wide.

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