An exquisite blend- a type of fish and matching wine

There's nothing more perfect than enjoying a fresh seafood dinner during the warmer summer months- that which can only be improved with a glass of wine on the side. From salmon to sea bass, there are a wide range of wine pairings that are mouth-wateringly complex to the palate… but where to start? Like any other dish, the perfect wine pairings depend on the taste, texture and scent of the fish- all of which we have considered to bring you five of our favourite fish/wine combinations.

Fried Fish and Prosecco

Let's start with the basics. Typically made from cod or haddock, fried fish and chips are a popular choice in the summer months. For a delectable salty/sweet mix, combine with a Prosecco and experience the delightful way the bubbliness cuts perfectly through the batter and oil. While the sweet flavours of this Italian sparkling spread the belief for it to be paired with desserts only, the combination of sweet and savoury flavours and aromas create the perfect balance.

Sea Bass and Pinot Gris

Usually prepared quite simply and rarely sauced, Sea Bass is currently one of the most popular fish choices on restaurant menus. Being a milder fish, the Sea Bass pairs well alongside a more acidic, flavoursome white like the Pinot Gris. The crispness of the wine works to bring out and awaken the flavours of the dish.

Flounder and Sauvignon Blanc

Typically dry and crisp with flavours ranging from zesty lime to a flowery peach, the Sauvingon Blanc is a staple wine when it comes to fish pairings. This non-nonsense wine does magnificently well when combined with a mild, flaky white fish like tilapia, halibut or flounder.

Salmon and Pinot Noir

While white wine is typically the go-to for fish pairings, combining a light-bodied wine like a Pinot Noir can strengthen the flavours from both the fish and wine. The lower levels of tannin in the Pinot Noir allows it to be paired with almost anything, with the best fish choices being the 'meatier' varieties like salmon or trout. The combined flavours of the two provide a flawless balance between confident and quaffable- the perfect pair!

Herring and Nebbiolo

And while we're on the subject about red wine and fish combinations, we simply cannot get past a Herring and Nebbiolo pairing.  The rich flavours of the Herring are balanced delicately against the tannic, earthy flavours of the Nebbiolo, making it for an intense palate pairing.

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