Introducing our new online restaurant booking feature

You've got the ultimate gift in your hand and now you're thinking about which of Australia's finest restaurants to experience using your Good Food gift card.

Friends, family or your partner have been so thoughtful, treating you to the country's number one dining gift card but now you're spoiled for choice. Are you going to indulge in one of the latest restaurants to be hatted in the Good Food awards, try the newest place that everyone's talking about or head for your favourite premium spot because you know they always get it just right?

Whichever way you go, you know it is going to be a great occasion and that you'll be sharing it with the one that's most special to you. That's why you want to select your restaurant, book in advance and then only have to worry about what you're going to wear.

In 2018, we all expect everything to be just one click away. Now with all-new online booking functionality at, we've ensured it is.

Simply head to the website, peruse the hundreds of premium and award-winning Australian restaurants where you can use your Good Food gift card, read about the locations and then simply click "book now" to make your table request at a participating restaurant.

Your restaurant hosts will return you a confirmation that you can keep on your phone or forward to that special someone who you'll be taking along so they can share in the excitement too.

Unlike other online booking sites, there's no limit to the amount of tables we have available to book. If there's one open at your chosen restaurant on the date and time of your choice, then it's yours.

We've partnered with leading technology company Nabooki to deliver the service. Their teams are always innovating and working around the clock to ensure a seamless experience from end to end. Plus, like us they're all-Australian so you know you and your details are in safe hands.

Australia's finest restaurant service starts with Good Food gift card. Click here to learn about our nationwide restaurant network, book your dining experience or share the excitement of buying a Good Food gift card today.

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Sharmi Ahmed