The 2019 Landscape for Fine Dining

The fine dining landscape is one that is contestant changing. As some of Australia's most award restaurants look for that distinct advantage, it's us, the consumer that stands to benefit the most. But what are the changes likely to impact the fine dining scene throughout 2019.

The Australian dining scene has experienced noteworthy changes over the last couple of years. If we were to analyse the multitude of restaurants in Australia, we would see that diversity is widely appreciated, as has the quality of menus being delivered with award-winning wine lists. At the same time, fine dining is about placing the focus on a few essential things, as opposed to creating a conglomeration of details. This could be said about the fine attention to detail that goes into the menu preparation and even down to the specific styling of a restaurant to capture the core essence of the restaurant's vision.

As a whole, the Australian fine dining experience has to be continually innovated to ensure the boundaries are pushed and new experiences are created. To that end, we are likely to see many more restaurants experimenting with distinct flavours and spices from different countries to not only create a more authentic experience but to challenge the concepts of their food. 2019 will also see the year where local produce is becoming more prominent in fine dining menu selections. Adding to the support of local produce, many of Australia's leading restaurants will feature standout local produce in their menus to really push home a sense of what the local producers have to offer.

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Sharmi Ahmed