Mango Rice Pudding Brulee for a Summer Treat

Mango goes hand-in-hand with the warmer months and not only tastes sensational, but adds a fragrant scent to your kitchen. Kensington Pride is Australia's most popular mango, sometimes called the KP or Bowen. These mangoes work well in chutneys, grilled on the BBQ, partnered with prawns or added to a summer salad.

One of chef Frank Camorra's favourite ways to play with the fruit is to make mango rice pudding brulee.

What you'll need:

200g of arborio rice

600ml of milk

340ml of coconut cream

4 strips each of orange and lemon peel

a vanilla bean

150g of castor sugar

1 leaf of gelatine

200g of natural yoghurt

6 mangoes


Bring all ingredients except mango, yoghurt and gelatine to the boil. Once the liquid is soaked up and the rice is tender, remove from heat.

Having soaked the gelatine in water, add it to the rice and stir until it becomes dissolved. Cover and chill in the fridge.

Once chilled, take out the citrus peels and fold in the yoghurt. Divide into half a dozen ramekins and cover the rice with the fruit. Finish with a tablespoon of sugar and using a chef's blowtorch, caramelise the sugar immediately before serving.

Rice pudding and brulee are both traditional desserts and when brought together with mango, this dessert becomes rich with exotic flavours, while remaining light and summery.

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Mireille Kilgour

Mireille Kilgour

Mireille Kilgour has been an entrepreneur for 35 years in the hospitality sector. French born, she has been an accomplished business owner and operator for a number of Sydney venues. Leading the industry with high profile institutions such as Lamrock Café Bondi, she has endless passion for the industry, and now has the pleasure of supporting restaurants to fill their tables with the new Good Food Gift Card program.